A complete guide to freezing food: What you can and can’t put in the freezer

A complete guide to freezing food What you can and can't put in the freezer

Advertisement Can you freeze any food ? Actually, most of food items can be put in the refrigerator. However, not all of them will keep their freshness and nutrients. For example, some plant foods such as legumes and some grains can be frozen, but will lose most of their minerals during the process. Other foods […]

Are Plastic Food Containers or preservation tray Really Safe?

Advertisement When talking about healthy cooking and eating, one of the biggest concerns is the use of plastic containers. There are many health concerns about the impact of plastics on our health and the environment. Plastic containers are the containers used when food is stored, packaged, or sold. Plastic can leach into our food if […]

7 Simple decorative ideas to update your space

Advertisement Home decorating has been a passion since time immemorial and it is something that we do continually to remain stylish. This is especially true for the kitchen, which is one of the most used and visited rooms in the house. However, when it comes to home interiors and kitchen furniture there is a lot […]

10 Easy and Adorable Cookie Carving

Advertisement Although this year’s holiday celebrations may be different, we can still keep our spirit alive by decorating the house, sitting by the fireplace, watching classic holiday movies, skiing or snowboarding, and especially baking! According to Networx in an article entitled “Which household chores consume the most calories?” They say that you actually burn calories […]

5 tips (very specific) for organizing your kitchen

Advertisement The secret of the greatest starred chefs is organization ! When it comes to kitchen storage, even before embarking on the most sophisticated recipes, it all starts with good tools at hand, an optimized work surface and carefully stored food. We explain how to have a kitchen organized down to the smallest detail.  When […]

10 tips for successful kitchen planning

Advertisement Arrangement of furniture, preferred materials, choice of lighting, you always need some advice when it comes to thinking about the layout of your new kitchen. Discover the 10 mistakes to avoid for a practical, well-thought-out kitchen. Error # 1: do not respect the rule of the “triangle of activity” What, you’ve never heard of […]