Multifunctional Rotate Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket

The slicer is design with a drain basket, you can cut vegetables and then clean them directly through the drain.


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Are you a Cooking Enthusiast? This product is for your kitchen

It is a multi-functional sieve for grater and vegetable cutter for vegetable grater, all these functions in one product! Fruit colander food colander and more

Easily slice firm fruit and vegetables, just helps you make professional-looking toppings with 7 replaceable blades, like apple chips, onion rings, potato nests, elegant salads, toppings vegetable pizza, etc. Perfect for making healthy low-carb noodles and vegetarian pasta

Maximum Security

To protect your finger, this vegetable cutter is designed with a finger guard that guarantees total security and stability when you cut and dice carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, cheeses, etc.

Premium & Safe Material

Made of food grade and natural wheat straw and stainless steel and PP, Dishwasher easy to clean and store

More details

Removable shredder: the upper lid of the chopping dish can be removed freely and is easy to use.

Comfortable non-slip handle: comfortable handle with a hand that can be controlled with one hand.

You can use a different knife head according to your needs; it is more convenient for you to cook.

Raise the lower leg: non-slip, stable, ventilated, does not hurt the table.

Drainage grid dense: the drain is clean and fast, that is to say, it must be washed and drained.

It is a real time saver for food preparation, perfect for cutting vegetables and making salads.

Our Multi-purpose Vegetable Shredder is a sustainable and eco-friendly product that provides environmental, social, and economical benefits that promote the public health and the environment

Material: Stainless Steel + PP + Wheat straw
Color: White Black
Weight: 700g
Size: 5.9 x 4.3 x 8.7 in (15 x 11 x 22cm)

Package Included

Comes with 2 x Grater, 1 x Slicer, 1 x Wavy Slicer, 1 x Yolk Splitter, 1 x Grinding Paste, 1 x Blades Box, 1 x Peeler, 1 x Container, 1 x Water Filter Basket, 1 x Hand Guard


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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Multifunctional Rotate Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket

  1. Handy T**

    A lot of good in a smaller bowl than it looks. Handle: good. Spinny bowl/colander: good. Many blade types in a storage cup: good.
    I like it and for a small to medium-sized meal prep it is fine. A large meal and you’re doing batches…that’s when you pull out the food processor, right?
    It’s good for more than a salad…use it like a mandolin…for everything. A good shower gift.

  2. Mary F***

    This is much better than I expected it to be. The 7 different blades will grate cheese, mince garlic, shred veggies, slice potatoes, etc. It’s simple to change the blades. Also very easy to clean since all of the pieces can be separated. It has a safety device for hanging onto the food while dragging it across the blade without worry of cutting fingers. Everything stores neatly within the bowl for compact storage.

  3. PBV-S T***

    I was excited to test this 9 in 1 slicer out. It seemed almost too good to be true: a vegetable slicer with interchangeable blades, a catch basin and a strainer. What is more, it also has a peeler, hand guard and a blade holder. I already own a spiralizer, box grater, and V blade and paddle style mandolines – none of which have a catch basins or strainers or peelers. I thought that I would toss one or two of these utensils if the 9 in 1 slicer worked as advertised. Unfortunately, after testing every blade on assorted vegetables and cheeses, I was a bit disappointed.

    • The entire unit does not take up much space. Every part of it fits neatly together. It is very compact and amazingly lightweight.
    • I love the detachable strainer, so easy to detach and to clean. It is a wonderful tool for salad making.
    • The blades snap into and out of place with ease. The slicer blades are easy to clean.
    • The ergonomic handle is sturdy.
    • The hand guard works better than my other slicer’s handguards.
    • The slicers produce a finer slice than my other slicers. Great for scalloped potatoes.
    • The graters produce a finer grate than my other graters. Great for hash browns.
    • The 9 in 1 unit works well as a prep tool for dinners geared for one or two people.

    • The detachable blades are not very wide, so vegetables must be cut small to successfully slice or grate.
    • The narrow cutting surface is not firm enough. It tends to give way a bit when applying pressure, so it takes a lot of pressure to slice or grate.
    • The blades do not have much range in terms of the thickness of vegetable slices.
    • The peeler does not peel evenly. It takes off too much of the outer layer. I will not be using it anymore.
    • The grater blades are difficult to clean. Food gets stuck in the small holes of the graters.
    • Cheese like cheddar tends to crumble or break. I will be keeping my box grater.

    It looks as if I will be using the bowl and drain basket more than the removable mandoline component. The slicer / grater is best used for small slicing or grating jobs. It is not meant for industrial sized food preparation. I will be using the blades only when I want very delicate shreds or slices.

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